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Broadway’s Chicago Looking for Its Next Roxie Hart

Do you have what it takes to be a Broadway star? Now might be your chance. Producers of the record-breaking hit musical Chicago are, in partnership with, hosting a national casting call to find the next Roxie Hart. The musical revival, which is celebrating its 22nd Anniversary on Broadway, will launch “The Search for Roxie!” in January of 2019. 

Too Darn Hot! Ten Talented and Sexy Broadway Men to Add Some Heat to Your Winter

There is nothing more intoxicating than the combination of talent and physical perfection. All shame and shallowness aside, I admittedly noticed all the incredibly talented and sexy male stars populating Broadway shows this spring and decided to parlay those observations into blog entry where I get to extoll their virtues, celebrate their talents, and share some pretty pictures of them with my readers. So, just for you (okay, for me, too), here are ten talented and sexy Broadway men to add some heat to your frosty winter days. 

The Great Valentine’s Day Broadway Showtune Love Song Quiz

Broadway musicals are most-distinctly known by their music: eleven o’clock numbers, “I want” songs, list songs, specialty numbers, and chorus numbers. Above all, and perhaps the most-beloved of all Broadway songs is the love song. Two characters express their undying love for each other through song, or spend their time denying their obvious love through humorous redirection and sarcasm. For Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to put together a quiz for my readers, asking them to see how many of these Broadway love songs (comedic, unrequited, stalker-esque) they can name from an excerpt of their lyric. Can you name the love song and the show it is from? No cheating!

Hair at 50 and The Women’s Marches

This year, the musical Hair turns 50. Radical for its day with its unyielding assessment of 1960s America: civil rights, the Vietnam War, government corruption, its inclusion of LGB characters (the Q & T are inferred, I suppose), its embrace of rock & roll for the musical stage, it is interesting that its anniversary coincides so closely with the inauguration of “President” Donald Trump, and far more importantly, the historic Women’s marches that breathe a new hope into our hearts and resolve for change. Are we really, fifty-years-later, having to refight the battles of the 60s that are so represented as a powerful collage in the musical Hair?