The Great Valentine’s Day Broadway Showtune Love Song Quiz

The Great Valentine’s Day Broadway Showtune Love Song Quiz

Broadway musicals are most-distinctly known by their music: eleven o’clock numbers, “I want” songs, list songs, specialty numbers, and chorus numbers. Above all, and perhaps the most-beloved of all Broadway songs is the love song. Two characters express their undying love for each other through song, or spend their time denying their obvious love through humorous redirection and sarcasm. For Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to put together a quiz for my readers, asking them to see how many of these Broadway love songs (comedic, unrequited, stalker-esque) they can name from an excerpt of their lyric. Can you name the love song and the show it is from? No cheating!

1.     “Here’s to “Love is Blind”, ____________________, May they always lead you into my arms.”

2.     “Your eyes are so like mine. Your eyes mustn’t glow like mine”

3.     “What’s the use of smellin’ winter watermelon clingin’ to another fella’s vine?”

4.     “Til I’m with you then, I’m with you there. Sweetly buried in your yellow hair”

5.     “Make believe our lips are blending, in a phantom kiss, or two, or three”

6.     “So taunt me and hurt me, deceive me, desert me”

7.     “I’m feeling like the apple atop of Willam Tell”

8.     “He can come home as late as can be. Home without him aint no home for me”

9.     “The raging tide we held inside would hold no more”

10.  “In a velvet gown I’ll be coming down the aisle”

11.  “The mist of May was in the gloamin’, and all the clouds are holdin’ still”

12.  “Longing to tell you but afraid and shy, I’d let my golden chances pass me by”

13.  “Live in my house, I’ll be your shelter. Just pay back with one-thousand kisses”

14.  “What was the song? It’s strange what we recall, and odd what we forget”

15.  “And that is all that’s love’s about, and we’ll recall when time runs out…”

16.  “No, don’t look through me so clearly I might very nearly lose myself completely”

17.  “Maybe it lasted a day, maybe it lasted an hour. But, somehow it will never end”

18.  “A song played on a solo saxophone, a crazy sound, a lonely sound…”

19.   “Love is crazy, love is often boring, love stinks!”

20.  “But still I’m incandescent and like some adolescent, I’d like to scrawl on every wall I see”

21.  “I have never felt like this. For once I’m lost for words. Your smile has really thrown me”

22.  “There was love all around but I never heard it singing”

23.  “Sunshine shine. I got mine”

24.  “My head started reeling, you gave me the feeling, the room had no ceiling or floor”

25.  “If I were a salad I know I’d be splashing my dressing”

26.  “I once heard a poem that goes “A rose is a rose is a rose”

27.  “Better forget her, her with her nose in the air”

28.  “Don’t you love farce? My fault I fear”

29.  “Well I guess if you’re pressing me, I might say possibly, I’d like a kiss (maybe two)”

30.  “Then fly to her side and make her your own”

31.  “My nights are warmer than fire coals. Incense and stars and smoke bamboo”

32.  “While you were trembling on the brink was I out somewhere yonder blinking at a star”

33.  “Let me be your shelter, let me be your light”

34.  “In these past few days, when I see myself, I seem like someone else”

35.  “For here you are and what was once a world is a star”

36.  “I fell in love with love one night when the moon was full”

37.  “But we go on pretending stories like ours have happy endings”

38.  “Your looks are laughable, un-photographable, yet you’re my favorite work of art”

39.  “Will you stay here with me for the rest of the semester? We won’t need food…”

40.  “I can’t contain my joy ‘cause I’ve finally found the boy I’ve been missing.

41.  “The day was bright, the air was sweet, the smell of honeysuckle swept me off my feet”

42.  “And though people double it, they can’t live without it”

43.  “Love like a vineyard grows delicate wine”

44.  “To kiss in the sunlight and say to the sky, “Behold and believe what you see”

45.  “I’ll sing to him, each spring to him, and worship the trousers that cling to him”

46.  “Each day the first things that I see, his little ________________ to me.

47.  “In the rain, the pavement shines like silver”

48.  “You found me ______________ and changed my lonely life that lovely day.”

49.  “You were the one who said “forever” from the start”

50.  “Love bursts in and suddenly and your wisdom disappears”

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