All in Guilty Pleasure

Too Darn Hot! Ten Talented and Sexy Broadway Men to Add Some Heat to Your Winter

There is nothing more intoxicating than the combination of talent and physical perfection. All shame and shallowness aside, I admittedly noticed all the incredibly talented and sexy male stars populating Broadway shows this spring and decided to parlay those observations into blog entry where I get to extoll their virtues, celebrate their talents, and share some pretty pictures of them with my readers. So, just for you (okay, for me, too), here are ten talented and sexy Broadway men to add some heat to your frosty winter days. 

The Binge-Watching Continues: 51 More Fabulous Broadway Flops

Since the last compilation was such a hit, and readers have been asking for more, here is another collection of great videos of Broadway musical flops. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed the scavenger hunt of finding them for you! 

Wishing you a Happy Holiday, no matter what you celebrate and how you celebrate. We can all walk into the New Year, hand in hand, sharing our universal love of musical theatre. Here's to all of us! 

50 Fabulous Flops of Broadway

Today is Black Friday, the day when businesses can usually count on leaving the red and going into the black (if people spend money, of course). What better way to celebrate such an occasion than to give my readers clips from 50 Broadway musical flops, shows that never went from red to black. I promise you a few delightful hours of pouring through wonderful content that will make your holiday weekend. 

Broadway Stars and Their Not-So-Successful TV Past

With the Tony Awards just around the corner and that shaping up to be a ho-hum night (thanks to forgone conclusions of a Hamilton sweep), no exciting new musicals on the immediate horizon (the Cats revival excites me like a case of distemper) and, just in general, no inspiring theatre news to get me riled up, I turned to one of my other favorite hobbies: TV Theme Songs (yes, I wrote a book on the subject). I like to go to and watch the opening sequences and clips of shows from days gone by. The other night, while doing this, I found so many Broadway performers in short-run sitcoms, stinkaroos that didn’t last for very long. Some of these shows were awful, but some of them were actually quite good. Here is a sampler of some of your Broadway favorites in sitcoms that just didn’t fly.