Atypical is Atypical

Atypical, a new Netflix original series, is a TV drama that beats with equal parts melancholy and heart. The show follows the lives of the Gardner family, whose eldest child Sam (Keir Gilchrist) is struggling to acclimate with the world around him, trying to adjust to life with Autism Spectrum Disorder. His parents Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Doug (Michael Rappaport) worry about their son as he decides to enter the world of dating, even as their own relationship appears to be coming apart at the seams. Casey (Brigette Lundy Paine) is Sam’s protective younger sister, defensive of her brother when anyone picks on him, but masking her own personal sadness, exacerbated by a rift with her mother. Sam also makes regular visits to his therapist Julia (Amy Okuda) on whom he has developed a crush.

Taking Your Kids to a Broadway Show?

Have you considered taking your child to a Broadway show, but you aren't sure if they are ready for the experience? Let's face it, a Broadway musical can be 2 to 3 hours in length and that's a long time for some kids to sit still. There are also certain etiquettes and traditions of being an audience member that you might feel they aren't ready to handle, or haven't developed the maturity to behave so that the rest of the audience doesn't become disgruntled. Broadway should be enjoyed by all, even the little ones, so don't set them up for disappointment or failure in their live theater experience of this magnitude. 

Remembering Barbara Cook

It rained a little on Broadway this week with the passing of Barbara Cook, a legend of the Broadway musical whose clarion soprano and boundless emotion took songs into the outer stratosphere. Cook, who has been a presence on the Broadway scene since the 1950s in both musicals and concerts, died on August 8 at the age of 89 after a long illness. Her legions of fans are mourning the loss of the great lady who, among myriad roles, originated the role of Marion Paroo in the 1957 production of The Music Man.   

The Broadway Cast Album Easter Egg Hunt of Old

In this day of downloads, streaming, CDs, not to mention the advent of Amazon and EBay, collecting Broadway cast recordings is a relatively easy thing to do. It is nice to have the convenience of tracking down any showtune you like with a simple search on the internet. It has made Broadway and its wonderful music accessible to all, and for that these advances will always be a wonderful part of the evolution of our technology. It has, however, taken the fun out of the once-thrilling Easter egg hunt that was a big part of cast album collecting.