Whatever Happened to Predictability? – Fuller House, Season 3

Whatever happened to predictability? It turns out it’s alive and kicking on the Netflix series Fuller House which just released Season 3 of the feel-good comedy, a revival of the popular 80s/90s sitcom Full House. For those who are into nostalgia (and I can be), the show hearkens back to a simpler time where situation comedies about families ended each episode pat and resolved, with very little effort put into the writing toward character development. It was a formula that worked and though it was heavy on feel-good laughs, it was short on substance.

Kid Victory – Cast Album Review

As I sit here listening to the recently produced cast recording of the John Kander and Greg Pierce musical Kid Victory, I am of two minds about how to approach this review. Do I simply look at the technicalities of this album and report back that Broadway Records has dutifully captured this hard-to-digest little musical for posterity with their usual high standards and aplomb for preserving musical theatre with verve and precision? Or do I dig a little deeper and share my reactions to a musical that is both compelling and unsettling, a challenging piece of theatre that ultimately leaves me unsatisfied, if intrigued by the choice to tell this story to begin with?

American Vandal: New Netflix Series and Compelling Satire

You can probably tell by the number of television reviews that I have written lately that I am spending a lot of time on Netflix. Judge if you must, but I am here to tell you that some of the cleverest and groundbreaking series are to be found on this service and one of their latest offerings, American Vandal, is compelling satire that tackles, among other things, social media, our fascination with crime series, and even makes fun of another Netflix real-crime series by spoofing its approach. American Vandal may have a few imperfections along the way, but I think you will find more than enough to keep you hooked to end of its eight episode arc.