Answers: Broadway Musical Geography Quiz

We had many readers participate in the Broadway Musical Geography Quiz. One question in particular stumped many of you, but most of you came within one or two questions of getting all the answers correct. Congratulations to Cheryl Sebrell, the first person to get all 40. She doggedly persevered until she figured out the pitfalls. For her efforts, she will receive an autographed CD of Anastasia, courtesy of Broadway Records.

Read on for the answers...

The Broadway Musical Geography Quiz

How well do you know your Broadway musical geography? That’s right, you are back in high school and being quizzed on the world, but we are doing it Broadway style. Demonstrate your prowess as a Broadway enthusiast and see how many of these geography questions that you can answer. Comment your answers in the comment section directly within this article (not Twitter or Facebook) and the first person to get all forty correct will win an Anastasia cast album signed by Stephen Flaherty, Lynn Ahrens and the cast, courtesy of Broadway Records. Be sure to read each question carefully, as some of them require multiple answers. Good luck and Bon Voyage!

Best of the Broadway Book Writers

Writing the book for a Broadway musical is a craft that is fraught with landmines. It is the delicate art of creating the framework for musical storytelling, a house of cards on which to hang the songs and characters that will hopefully yield a fascinating depth and a compelling purpose. When a musical fails, the blame is often put squarely on the musical's book, yet if a show succeeds, the book writer is rarely given the credit they are due. Despite the challenges a book writer faces, there has been a handful of craftsmen who have successfully delivered first-rate books that continue to be as potent and perfect as the days these shows opened. Help me celebrate the unsung heroes of musical theatre, the most-enduring of Broadway musical book writers. 

Charles Strouse in the House

The other day, I woke up and found myself humming songs from Annie (it may have had something to do with the use of “Tomorrow” in an insurance commercial), and realized that I adore so many of his melodies. Though he has had an up-and-down career on Broadway, his music is always infectious and the highlight of a show. I spent the better part of the day singing his songs while I cleaned the house, and then asked my readers on Twitter what some of their favorite Strouse songs are. I enjoyed listening to the ones you sent me and decided to make up a playlist of my favorite Charles Strouse songs. Hopefully, you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed yours.