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Star Wars and Broadway

In case you have missed it somehow, a few weeks ago a little movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened in the movie theatres and it has been getting a lot of buzz. I decided to look at the stage credits of the actors in the Star Wars franchise and was surprised (or perhaps, not surprised) to find that many of these actors have appeared on Broadway. Today’s blog is a celebration of those actors who inhabited the characters of “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” and who also came down from the stars to light up Broadway.

Tony Award Wishes

It's Tony nomination time and I always feel a bit like a kid at Christmas as I wait to find out which shows will receive recognition, which ones will establish themselves as historical pieces of art, which will be also-rans, and which will be "egregiously overlooked." The Tony awards used to be an enormous deal for me, a chance to sit down for three hours and see the faces that made Broadway. How completely did I revel in the scenes from plays such as Lettice and Lovage with Maggie Smith or Fences with James Earl Jones? The myriad musical numbers that I committed to memory and then replicated to the best of my ability in our basement. I can even remember such moving speeches as Michael Jeter accepting for Grand Hotel or Andrea Martin hilariously making the most of her time to talk, winning for My Favorite Year.