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The Band’s Visit: Cast Album Review

Any score by David Yazbek is an exciting event. We have witnessed his ever-evolving talents for years, reveling in the delicious character development brought forth in musicals such as The Full Monty, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and Women in the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. It is then, that I have eagerly anticipated Yazbek’s score for the newly opened The Band’s Visit. Proving that his musical styles vary and he can incorporate and blend a wide range of musical styles, I am thrilled to report that the original cast album for The Band’s Visit is an account of a sublimely unique score that reveals a whole new side of Yazbek. The new recording from Ghostlight Records is a haunting revelation of musical complexity that Broadway fans will want to own and absorb over repeated listenings. 

The Robber Bridegroom: The Show and the Cast Recording Stole My Heart

Rarely do I see a show more than twice. Usually, two-times is sufficient for me to drink in its music, its characterizations, its staging and its score. The Roundabout Theatre Company’s Off-Broadway revival of The Robber Bridegroom is one of the rare times where I returned to a show, again and again, delighted each time by something new or that I had missed the first time around. In all, I saw The Robber Bridegroom seven times before the production shuttered at the Laura Pels Theatre. Now, we have a new cast recording courtesy of Ghostlight Records and it has made me fall in love with the production all over again

Broadway Musical Musings: The New Cast Recording of She Love Me

The definitive cast recording of any Broadway musical is always a matter of personal preference, so it is really hard to state that one particular recording supersedes all others. One person might make an argument for a particular performer, others might prefer a certain sound quality, while still others are attracted to the perfect packaging. Since I will not assert that personal preferences are wrong (what's that? It's okay to have differing opinions?), I won't call the new cast recording of the 2016 revival of She Loves Me “definitive”. I will, however, call it “MY definitive” and I am certain that it will be my go-to recording of the show for decades to come. 

Broadway Musical Musings: Upcoming Cast Recordings

It seems to me that we have some exciting cast recordings to look forward to in the coming weeks (and months), and I thought I’d spend today musing over the ones that I am particularly poised to listen to. A few of these scores are already available for digital download, but since I am one of those people who like to have the CD in hand (or LP), I hold out for the tangible version.