Broadway Musical Musings: Upcoming Cast Recordings

Broadway Musical Musings: Upcoming Cast Recordings

It seems to me that we have some exciting cast recordings to look forward to in the coming weeks (and months), and I thought I’d spend today musing over the ones that I am particularly poised to listen to. A few of these scores are already available for digital download, but since I am one of those people who like to have the CD in hand (or LP), I hold out for the tangible version.

Tuck Everlasting

July 15, 2016
DMI Soundtracks

I realize that I am in the minority here, but I found Tuck Everlasting to be a charming show with a tuneful score that I am certain will, with repeated listening, make fans of many of its initial detractors. That being said, whether or not you liked the show, the cast recording is bound to be very popular for the chief reason that every community theatre and high school is going to get around to producing this family-friendly show thanks to its wide variety of colorful characters for both males and females. The song that particularly moved me in the theatre was the haunting “Time” led by Robert Lenzi that eventually evolves into a haunting quartet for the Tuck family. But the whole piece is joyous and a touch old-fashioned, which I also appreciate. The score is going to grow on many of you. Just give it... dare I say it... time...


She Loves Me

July 29, 2016
Ghostlight Records

If you missed this exquisite revival in the theatre, and if you also happened to miss the live-stream of this sparkling bauble of the musical theatre, I suspect that there isn’t much hope that you are excited for this cast recording. I cannot believe that such a person exists. I predict that the CD release of this recording will be something special. The capture of Laura Benanti’s perfect performance is, in and of itself, worth the purchase of this recording, not to mention the brilliant cast that supports her throughout. Not only do I long for her rendition of “Vanilla Ice Cream”, to be enjoyed over and over again, but I suspect that this CD (fingers crossed) will include some lovely pictures from the lushly designed production. Here’s hoping that Ghostlight Records does their usual job of providing a CD booklet that lives up to this production’s opulence and class.


September 9, 2016
Broadway Records

Admittedly, this musical was a flop (It probably didn’t belong on Broadway) despite a successful run Off-Broadway. That being said, what is wrong with a little campy fun: a musical that is chock full of 70s hits performed by some of Broadway’s best character actors and actresses? Much like Tuck Everlasting, I think Disaster! could find a long and happy life in theatres around the country. Broadway Records regularly puts out some of the crispest, cleanest and most vibrant of cast recordings (Their The Color Purple may be the finest cast recording of the last decade), so I am convinced that, even though I’m not a fan of juke box musicals, that this recording will be a joy to listen to.  It’s also a chance to remember and revel in Jennifer Simard’s particularly lauded comedic performance as Sister Mary Downy, bar “nun” the show’s standout!

The Robber Bridegroom

Sh-K-Boom Records

We know that it has been recorded, but Sh-K-Boom Records has yet to post a release date for the cast recording of The Roundabout Theatre’s Off-Broadway revival of The Robber Bridegroom. For me, this is the recording that I am the most anxious for. The original cast recording of The Robber Bridegroom is fine, but it feels void of spirit and the lyrics aren’t always easy to comprehend. This recent revival was so full of verve and imagination that I saw it five times and felt that it was important that someone capture its essence. The ensemble sang the show beautifully and found so much whimsy in telling this ridiculous story that I kept hoping would be recorded. For a while, it appeared that it would not be, but Sh-K-Boom swept in at the eleventh hour and saved the day. Now, I just wish they would let us know when we are going to get to hear it!

Impatiently waiting here!

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