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Movie Musicals that Deserve a Second Look

There are many movie musicals that were not perfect. For one reason or another, they just don't delight audiences the way big hits like Singin' in the Rain, The Sound of Music, or West Side Story do. That's perfectly fine; not every outing is going to be a hit. There are, however, several movie musicals that may have missed the mark, but managed to still have moments of beauty and magic. Today's column explores eight movie musicals that deserve a second look. 

The House of Broadway Musical Flops

One of the exciting things about seeing a Broadway show is the theatre that houses a production. Many Broadway houses have been around for almost one-hundred years. Ensconced within these artistic dwellings are the ghosts of shows gone by, a rich history of great, long running masterpieces ... and the occasional flop. Some theatres have had a lucky streak of success: The St. James, The Winter Garden, The Majestic. Others, have, for one reason or another, been a doomed house. Pouring through my notes, there is one theatre that has had more than its share of flops in its 30-year tenure as a Broadway house: The Marquis Theatre.

No “Best Musical” Tony Award – To Think!

The Tony Awards are an important part of the Broadway season, not so much because people need to be rewarded for doing what is already an amazing job, but because the people who wend their way through the challenges, heartbreak and exhaustion of show business deserve a time of the year to celebrate what they do. God knows if the theatre community doesn’t revel in their own achievements, who else is going to? Ring your own bell! Our country is so caught up in the goings on of athletic events that theatre will never be a priority to anyone other than those create it. That’s what makes us special, isn’t it?