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Celebrating Marin Mazzie

It breaks my heart to be sitting here and writing a remembrance of Marin Mazzie who passed away this last Thursday at the age of 57. Mazzie was a luminescent star of the Broadway musical stage, investing heart and soul into every song that she sang and every role that she embodied. There was something ethereal and magical in her voice, lifting us out of our daily lives and transporting us to somewhere near heaven. 

Broadway Lyrics of Hope and Denial

I don't feel like I have much to say this week. The presidential election and the subsequent fear and pain that it has unleashed in the theatre community and beyond is still very raw and palpable. At a time when so much hope seems to be lost, I cannot help but hear the voices of strength that certain showtunes provide. Since the last thing any of you want to hear (or read) are my ravings about the outcome of this surreal and most disheartening election. Instead, just this once, let me simply share some lyrics of hope (and denial) that have been crossing my mind since Tuesday.

Summer Lovin’: Broadway Songs that Celebrate and Capture Summer

Though there is a little over a month of actual calendar summer left, we all know that the department stores are packed with school supplies, school clothes, and the “Back-to-School Sale” banners fill their windows. For all intents and purposes, we have a few fleeting weeks left to enjoy the sunshine and the leisure that summer affords. In an effort to make the most of these few weeks, I have assembled a playlist of Broadway songs that celebrate summer.

Broadway Musical Musings: Tony Baloney and Other Stories

Well, we are almost to the end of our wait and the Tony Awards will be given out this weekend. There has been a tremendous amount of hoopla leading up to the awards, something I affectionately refer to as “Tony Baloney.” I don’t know if there have always been this many publicity stunts surrounding the awards, or if certain theatre websites are just running out of other things to talk about, filling the void with the news of every photoshoot and luncheon that the awards season brings. I always liked that New York theatre took a reserved approach to handing out accolades, keeping it classy and about the work, without getting too caught up in the flash and trash aspect. Certainly, these hardworking artists deserve to be recognized for their work, I just hope that the current trend of over-promotion is not a necessity born out of keeping up with other awards shows. Surely, the trophy is enough