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The Cockeyed Optimist: The Broadway Musicals of Mary Martin

One the most beloved performers of the Broadway musical is the late, great Mary Martin. Mary Martin possessed a lovely, distinctive voice, a coquettish smile, and a persona that evoked optimism and warmth. The actress enjoyed a long career on the Broadway stage that spanned three decades, winning four Tony Awards throughout that time, including one for spreading Annie Get Your Gun to the country while the original production performed in New York. Rivaled only by Ethel Merman as one of Broadway’s most iconic talents, Mary Martin’s legacy lives on in our memories of great musical theatre experiences. Today, we take a look at the Broadway musicals that were brightened by her presence. 

Broadway and the Fairy Tale

Fairy tales and music: they are two things that played a big part of most of our childhoods. The combination of the two in an evening of entertainment is, for many of us, the ultimate form of entertainment bliss. With the Broadway musical Frozen, adapted from the animated film musical, which was in turn adapted by the 1884 fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson, working its way toward Broadway this spring, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the other musicals that have been adapted from fairytales and children’s stories. 

The Evolution of a Broadway Musical Enthusiast

How does one evolve into a musical theatre enthusiast and a person who lives for documenting Broadway musicals and writing about them? I'm sure that, for each of us, there is a different story, but I also bet there are a lot of similarities that link our journeys. I thought it would be fun to share how I got to be where I am in my obsession with musicals and I am hopeful you will comment below are share your stories as well. 

The Ten Best Immersive Rides at Disney World

One of the best parts about riding the rides at Walt Disney World in Florida is the immersive experience you get on so many of these unforgettable attractions. Disney Imagineers have found a way to theme their rides in a way that extracts you from the world you know and places you inside of a story. You aren’t riding for the mere thrill of an amusement park adrenaline rush, you do it to be a part of the story and leave your worries behind. If this is an idea that is attractive to you, here are my recommendations for the ten-best immersive rides at Disney World that you will not want to miss.