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Predicting the 2019 Tony Winners

As I typically do, I have made my pre-Tony Award predictions, my educated guesses as to who will win in each category. This is not particularly my forte, but I am going to do my best here. If anything, it should at least make for some entertaining reading to see just how wrong I can be about what the masses like. How do I reconcile that perception with my own personal opinions and come up with a choice in each category? I just listen to my gut that will most likely be bursting with crow on Monday morning. 

When Is a Broadway Love Song… Not A Love Song?

Today I thought it would be interesting to explore a certain type of Broadway love song. There are many Broadway showtunes that are declarations of love, an all-out celebration of (usually) boy-meets-girl or vice-versa and they fall instantly in love. But not every love song from musicals is an overt declaration of amour. Some of these ditties are more subtle in their approach, or ironically deny the possibility of love altogether. Here is a list of examples of some of these love songs that seem to contradict the romances that evolve from them. 

Why the Hate For Musicals Based on Films?

In the last ten years or so, there have been a great many musicals opening on Broadway that are based on movies. I have also noticed a wave of disgust for these adaptations, people citing that we need more original story ideas. Though I often find myself frustrated with the results of these adaptations, I can’t necessarily say that I am opposed to musicals being the basis for a Broadway musical. After all, we have received many quality musicals that were based on films: WaitressThe Band’s VisitDirty Rotten ScoundrelsApplauseCarnival!Sunset BoulevardThe Full MontyThe ProducersNineBilly ElliottSpamalot, Silk StockingsDogfightGrand HotelGrey GardensKinky BootsA Man of No ImportancePromises, PromisesShrek, and Woman of the Yearare all fine examples. So, why all sour faces and crinkled noses (mine sometimes included) for the influx of musicals based on films?