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Broadway Showtunes that Share a Title

This might seem like a ridiculous subject for a piece about Broadway showtunes, but the more I thought about it, the more fascinated I became by the subject. In songwriting, there is no copyright on titles, so titles can repeat. I can sit down and write a song about Broadway and remembering fondly, then title it “Give My Regards to Broadway.” As long as the music and lyrics are different, it is perfectly acceptable (and legal) to do so. This got me thinking: what showtunes are there that share the same title? It turns out, there are several. Here is a sampling of some that I found.

Broadway Musicals with the Most Compelling Structures (Part One)

There is always an ongoing discussion about what musicals have the best book, even if the book writers are often given short-shrift for their contributions. A few weeks ago, I reposted a piece that I had written a few years back with my picks in this area. Some of my choices were mutually agreed-upon with my readers (as much as we can agree on anything subjective) while other choices were hotly debated. It was perhaps a few of my omissions that stirred the ire of many of my readers, but I’ll address those I left out in another article down the road (for my public lambasting, no doubt). You know what they say about opinions…

Larger Than Life: Showtunes About The Movies

Broadway musical fans tend to be fans of film (particularly those made in Hollywood’s heyday of the 1930s and 40s), or at least that is the impression I get. We like things bigger, grander, and larger than life, with an elegance and style that is seldom found in contemporary film. There is just something about those old film and the allure of Hollywood itself that speaks to many of us. That got me thinking: how about looking at some showtunes that celebrate the world of film? Here is a fun list that I cobbled together for you to enjoy movie classics through the lens of Broadway showtunes. I hope you enjoy.