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Call on Carol: The Broadway Musicals of Carol Channing

One of Broadway’s most distinct and original talents is Carol Channing. From her wide-eyed stare to her raspy voice, there has never quite been another performer like Ms. Channing. An expert at playing over-the-top comedy and delivering it with her own special brand of chutzpah, Channing left her indelible imprint two iconic characters of the Broadway musical theatre. Channing was born in 1921 and she is currently 97 years old, but her unforgettable persona continues to be one of the most impersonated and emulated on the Broadway musical divas. Today, we look back on the career of Carol Channing and celebrate her longevity and her talent. 

Is Tommy Tune Stuck in the Mezzanine?

Broadway theatres: for many of us, they are glorious houses of worship where we come to together to celebrate and praise the Gods of Theatre. It’s a place of magic, mystery, melody, and mayhem. It is a temple for emotional catharsis, where a recalibration of our senses and our souls unfolds. It is a place of meditation, contemplation, and spiritual rejuvenation. Theatres are a cozy respite from the outside world, a safe haven to congregate and commune while sitting back and collectively sharing an experience in the coziness of your seat. 

Unless you have long legs, that is. 

Hello, Bernadette! A Compilation of Videos Celebrating Ms. Peters

With Bernadette Peters taking the stage as Dolly Gallagher Levi in the Broadway revival of Hello, Dolly!, I thought it would be fun and appropriate to create a compilation of some of Ms. Peter’s finest musical performances on stage, television, and the big screen. Just like the waiters at Harmonia Gardens are ecstatic to have Dolly return to her favorite haunt, we are beyond thrilled to have her back where she belongs in a Broadway musical. I hope you enjoy this tribute to one of Broadway’s finest leading ladies. 

Broadway, Film, and Television: The Best of 2017

As we wrap up 2017 and say goodbye to a year that made most of us roll our eyes and up our alcohol intake, it is important to take a few minutes to remember some of the good things to come out of the last 365 days. Thank goodness for the world of entertainment, providing both joyous escapism and thought-provoking drama. Here is my list for the best of 2017 in Broadway, film, and television.