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Dressing Them Up - Iconic Costumes of Broadway Musicals

Most Broadway musicals have so many exciting things going for them: music, drama, great performers, inspired direction and choreography, great marketing campaigns. Then there is the physical production itself: the monumental sets, the breathtaking lighting and of course, the brilliantly designed costumes that bring the characters to life. Over the years, there have been some particularly memorable costumes, and some of these creations have moved on to iconic status. Today’s blog looks at some of the most iconic of all Broadway costumes, the fashion creations that have instantly intrigued and excited us through their perfection.

The Bewitching Betty Buckley

Like most of the people who grew up in the 70s and 80s, my introduction to Betty Buckley came through the television drama Eight is Enough. Buckley played Abby Bradford, forever redesigning the world's perceptions of stepmothers everywhere with a portrayal of patience, kindness and understanding. Little did we children of the 70s and 80s know that Buckley was an established musical theatre talent who, after Eight is Enough, would evolve into one of the most beloved stars on Broadway.

100 Favorite Showtunes: Part III

For my last two entries I have featured the first fifty of my favorite showtunes celebrating my 100th blog entry which is just around the corner. Here is the continuation of that piece, featuring my NEXT 25 entries. 

Old-Fashioned Broadway

I admit that I am an old fashioned Broadway showtune lover. I almost always opt to put on my cast recordings of Finian's RainbowCarousel, Hello, Dolly! or Camelot long before I am tempted by the scores of RentSpring AwakeningGrey Gardens, or Matilda. It's not that I don't find things to appreciate in the latter group. I do. They are all wonderful in their own ways. I think it has to do with nostalgia or a sound I associate with "days gone by." For me, there is still nothing better than playing a scratchy record album of a Broadway show and experiencing that tinny sound of the old recording styles.