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Broadway Musical Time Machine: Looking Back at Merrily We Roll Along

Coming off a string of critical hits in the 1970s (CompanyFolliesA Little Night MusicSweeney Todd) composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim and Director Harold Prince seemed like the unstoppable duo with boundless creative collateral going into the 1980s. Their next project together, however, did not ignite as previous productions had and the 1981 calamitous flop Merrily We Roll Along would bring their happy collaboration to an end for two decades. That is not to say that Merrily We Roll Along did not eventually prove to be an effective (if complicated) musical that would have an enduring shelf life and myriad theatre companies taking innovative approaches to the material to solve its alleged problems. 

Broadway Musical Musings: May 26, 2016

So, the devastating news of shows beginning to close has already begun and the Tony Awards haven’t even happened yet. It was recently announced that the musical Tuck Everlasting will close on My 29th, and I have to say that I find this somewhat unacceptable. No, it wasn’t the perfect musical, but it was a sweet musical with a touching story that should have at least found some success in the family market. I saw the show while it was in previews, and I understand a case can be made for some inherent flaws in the piece, but here I am over a month later and I find many of the songs, characters, imagery and performances are still with me.