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Broadway Blip: Funny Girl

The composing team of Jule Styne (music) and Bob Merrill (lyrics) was never more potent than when they teamed for Funny Girl. The semi-autobiographical musical about the rise to fame and ill-fated romance of vaudevillian Fanny Brice crackled and sparkled, thanks particularly to the electric score and the indelible performance of Barbra Streisand. Isobel Lennart crafted the musical’s book, mostly an episodic tale of the ins-and-outs of Fanny’s struggle to be taken seriously as a female comedienne in a time where that was taboo, and her star-crossed romance with (and marriage to) professional gambler and con-artist Nicky Arnstein.  

Broadway Playlist for the Ultimate Road Trip

Last week, while I was enjoying some time off, I decided to take a little sojourn to Pennsylvania. I gathered a few old theatre friends from my college days to accompany me, musical theatre folk who love to blast a showtune in the car and sing along. Knowing that they would expect me to be the DJ for this outing, I assembled a playlist full of the perfect songs for this kind of thing. I find the best songs for a road trip fall into one of three categories...

    Broadway's Best "I Am" Songs

    What is an "I Am" song, you might ask? Many people also know it as the "I Want" song, a song that comes early in the first act of a musical and that establishes our catalyst's point of view and sometimes their goal. The term "I Want" is not one I feel truly encapsulates what this song is and how it's placement in the musical affects the story to come. I Am", which used to be how these songs were identified by scholars, can include "I Want", but not vice versa. What you "want" is a subcategory of who you "are". Not every song that introduces a catalyst tells us what they want, but it most-definitely tells us who they are. So I choose the older term of "I Am" because I find it all-encompassing. I'm not trying to be difficult here, I simply prefer "I Am" because it better explains what the song achieves, especially to those just learning about musical theatre structure. But all semantics aside, some of the most-memorable and most impactful musical theatre songs are the "I Am" song and today's blog is a celebration of some of the best. 

    What If? The Great Tony Award Rewind – Part One

    With the Tony Award nominations announced and the race setting in to be a pretty uneventful one since Hamilton appears to be poised to win most of the prizes, I started thinking about what these awards would look like if Hamilton were not in the equation. For the Best Musical prize, I think it is fair to say that the race would come down to a dead heat between Waitress and Bright Star, with Bright Star edging out the win on Tony night. This got me thinking about other years where juggernauts like Hamilton were a foregone conclusion, and what might have happened if those titles had never been in play. Read along and debate with me.