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Best Song Oscar – Clips of Every Winner

Here’s a binge list that I think many of you will love. I went, year by year, and found clips of every Oscar-winning Best Song, from 1934 to the present. It’s one hell of a list, full of great songs an loads of terrific performances. Wherever I could, I tried to find clips from the actual films. Only a few eluded me, so I had to stray outside that format. I enjoyed putting it together for you. In honor of this year’s nominees, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Are the Muppets Still Relevant?

I was reading through an article about how Disney World might jettison its Muppet 3-D Theatre from its Hollywood Studios park (this alone broke my heart), and the piece was accompanied by a string of comments debating the relevancy of the Muppets, not just in the parks, but as a part of our culture in general. It had never occurred to me that the Muppets would ever go out of fashion, that what I had always considered timeless did come with an expiration date. This led me to my own internal discussion “Are the Muppets still relevant?”

Magical Musical Menken Moments in Disney Films

Anyone who loves Disney films has been enchanted by the music of Alan Menken. His melodies are both infectious and magical, capturing the musical tone of each character they bring to life. Arguably, all his songs are terrific, so making a top ten list is futile and someone’s favorite will always be left out. However, the ten that I have chosen to celebrate are, in my estimation, the perfect marriage of Menken melody with magical Disney moments. I hope you will enjoy my compilation, the “Magical Musical Menken Moments in Disney Films”.