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Broadway Musicals with the Most Compelling Structures (Part One)

There is always an ongoing discussion about what musicals have the best book, even if the book writers are often given short-shrift for their contributions. A few weeks ago, I reposted a piece that I had written a few years back with my picks in this area. Some of my choices were mutually agreed-upon with my readers (as much as we can agree on anything subjective) while other choices were hotly debated. It was perhaps a few of my omissions that stirred the ire of many of my readers, but I’ll address those I left out in another article down the road (for my public lambasting, no doubt). You know what they say about opinions…

Music is “Instrumental” to Broadway Musicals

Today, I was listening to some original cast recordings on a car trip, and I realized that three of the shows I had chosen to listen to included special instrumental pieces that were crafted special for their respective pieces. I am not talking about overtures or incidental music, but actual musical numbers unto themselves that, without lyrics, still managed to tell a great deal about the story. Here is a celebration of some of the best of these musical moments that are “instrumental” to Broadway musicals.

Broadway’s Stout-Hearted Musical Men: 25 Clips of the Most Memorable Male Performances

About a month ago, I celebrated the great divas of Broadway with a tribute to their careers. This month, I thought I’d share a video montage of the men who have shaped Broadway with their talent and larger-than-life personalities. I hope you enjoy curling up and watching these twenty-five videos of the stout-hearted men of Broadway doing some of their finest work.

“Happy Birthday” Broadway Style

Today is @theatreguy22's birthday (me) and I was trying to find a topic that centered around birthdays in Broadway musicals. At first, I thought this would be an easy task, but birthdays in musicals are not as common as one might think. Birthdays have only been occasionally addressed, so some digging was required. Thanks to my dear friend (and sparring partner) Robbie Rozelle, we came up with these titles that were a musical theatre reason to light the candles, cut the cake, and pop the champagne. “Happy Birthday” Broadway style!