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80’s TV Musical Alice in Wonderland Comes to 54 Below: You Aren’t Going to Want to Miss This!

If you had the pleasure of growing up in the 80s, then you know that things were big, colorful, and full of the “cheese” factor. This was a good thing. Anything worth doing was worth over-doing. Made-for-TV movies were often epic and star-studded events, offering a parade of popular performers (past and present) in sprawling entertainments that amazed and delighted. Among these was the deliciously campy and endlessly melodic two-part television musical of Alice in Wonderland (1985) produced by Irwin Allen. 

I Love to Laugh: Disney’s Funniest Characters

Disney films are full of music and magic, worming their way into our hearts with their warmth and familiarity. One of the best parts of a Disney film are the characters that make us laugh, breaking the tension of the serious and emotional moments with humor and unforgettable characterizations. My column today celebrates the funniest of these Disney characters. Watch the clips and tell me that you don’t agree that these creations are not side-splitting with their ability to make you giggle and guffaw.

Ten Disney Songs That Don’t Get the Attention They Deserve

Those of us who love Disney know that the magic and the music go hand-in-hand. There are so many Disney songs that are simply iconic and simply identifiable. Some of them get more than their fair share of play, while there are others that just don’t seem to get the appreciation that they deserve. Today I hope to rectify any oversights and celebrate ten songs that have been taken for granted.