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“I Am What I Am”: Musicals for Pride Month

With June being Gay Pride month and the month drawing to a close, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate here at Mark Robinson Writes than to take a look at some of the musicals that that have told the story of those who have been marginalized by society simply for who and how they identify and love. Progress has been made over the years, though we have certainly slipped back in the last few years, our voice is strong and proud. This list certainly isn’t all-inclusive, but it is one I think captures the best of what musical theatre has done to tell the story of the LGBTQ community.

Exercising My Right to a Showtune

This time of year it is especially hard to get excited about exercise. It is brutally cold and going for a walk seems like torture. Many are reduced to schlep on a treadmill, while others are quite content to use the "Think System" where exercise is concerned. I tend to be more motivated to walk when showtunes are involved, so I often load up my iPod with peppy melodies from my favorite musicals and make my jaunt around the cubicles in my workplace: 45 minutes each morning and 45 minutes each lunch break. 

Over time, I have found that a certain configuration of Broadway songs works best for me. Placed in the right order, I feel naturally inclined to increase momentum as I go, building toward a twenty-minute cardio workout, and then cooling down to that sensation of prickly flutters in my thighs. I thought that I would share with my readers my playlist for working off the fat. What is astounding is, when I actually do it, I feel great and lose about two pounds a week.

Encores! Off-Broadway On the Mind

With Encores! announcing their 2015 season of Off-Broadway pieces to revisit (including the wonderful A New Brain, the bankable but unnecessary Little Shop of Horrors and the intriguing but uneven Lippa's The Wild Party), I thought it might be interesting to look at some Off-Broadway titles that are ripe for exploration through this series.