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The Great Broadway Choreographers

Dance is an essential part of most Broadway musicals and there have been many amazing choreographers over the years. Some have really stood out, either reinventing the form and purpose of dance within Broadway musicals and/or bringing a signature style to their work that has become legendary in its own right. Today, I’d like to celebrate these gods and goddesses of the world of musical theatre dance and talk a little about how each of them left their imprint on the art form.

Is Tommy Tune Stuck in the Mezzanine?

Broadway theatres: for many of us, they are glorious houses of worship where we come to together to celebrate and praise the Gods of Theatre. It’s a place of magic, mystery, melody, and mayhem. It is a temple for emotional catharsis, where a recalibration of our senses and our souls unfolds. It is a place of meditation, contemplation, and spiritual rejuvenation. Theatres are a cozy respite from the outside world, a safe haven to congregate and commune while sitting back and collectively sharing an experience in the coziness of your seat. 

Unless you have long legs, that is. 

The Grandest of Hotels: Pondering a Revival of Grand Hotel

With the announcement by Encores! that Grand Hotel will be a part of their 2018 season, it has the wheels of my brain turning about a possible Broadway revival of this magnificent, but challenging, piece of musical theatre. It has been almost three decades since Grand Hotel premiered on Broadway. That production was, in itself a reimagining of a failed attempt to musicalize Vicki Baum’s 1928 novel (and subsequent 1932 film) called At the Grand (1958). That version of the show featured a score by Robert Wright and George Forrest, with a book by Luther David. Many of those songs and parts of the book made it into the 1989 Broadway production of Grand Hotel which would garner many Tony Awards and run for 1,017 performances.

Broadway Musical Time Machine: Looking Back at The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Country music and Broadway rarely make a successful mix. The fans of Broadway musicals don't typically gravitate to the styles of country, turned off by its twang. There have, however, been successful Broadway musicals that incorporate country music in their scores, none more so than The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. With a score by Carol Hall, a book by Larry L. King and Peter Masterson, ingenious direction by Masterson and Tommy Tune, and unforgettable choreography by Tune and Thommie Walsh, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas was the surprise hit of 1978