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Movie Morsel: Clue — A Board Game Becomes a Movie

Clue is a board game where the players must guess who committed a murder, in what room, and with what murder weapon. From a list of suspects that include Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, and Professor Plum, they must divine whether the culprit used a wrench, a lead pipe, a revolver, a knife, a candlestick, or a length of rope to kill a guest in a sprawling estate. Almost everyone has played some form of this game, as it has been around since 1947 when it was developed in Birmingham, England by Anthony E. Pratt. It was known as “Cluedo” at the time, but when it came to America in 1949, Parker Brothers shortened the title to “Clue”.

IT - The Horror (and Film) We Are Eagerly Anticipating 

Leave it to Stephen King to take such sacred things as clowns, red balloons, and birds and turn them against us as harbingers of blood-curdling horror. That's what he certainly did with his 1985 masterpiece IT, the story of seven kids who rally against a disturbing evil that visits their Maine town every thirty years or so, leaving behind a body count with each tarriance. King revels in the adolescent mind and the horrors that lurk there courtesy of the active imagination and innocence. Is it any surprise that King finds the personification of evil residing behind the white makeup of a circus performer whose job is to make kids smile? Pennywise the Clown manipulates our innocence by being OF our innocence. Who hasn't been enticed by a shiny red balloon but never stopped to see the face behind the person who is handing it to us? So much metaphor and symbolism are wrapped up in this, the visages we create for our own evil ends. 

The Highlights (and Horrors) of Rocky Horror

My blog today was supposed to be an exploration of Broadway sequels, but I am going to have to postpone that to another day. No, time and space demand that I write a reaction to Fox Networks remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Oh, how I wanted to love it (or at least like it) but this production sits on one like a bowl of slightly spoiled rice pudding sits in your stomach. It's not something I needed to begin with, and now I'm slightly nauseous for the experience.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – How it “Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch-a-Touched Me”

When I was about 16, I was at Blockbuster Video (Remember that place?) and I decided to rent a movie. Halloween was coming and I wanted a horror film. Without looking too closely, I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show on the “Staff Picks” shelf and said, “Oh, I’ve never seen this horror film”. So, I grabbed it and rented it without reading the back of the box (A mistake I often make when I am in a hurry that can also be my Achilles heel when reading directions). I went home, popped some popcorn and settled down to be properly frightened.

You all know my surprise.