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1939: Hollywood’s Greatest Year

Most movie buffs are aware that a disproportionate number of Hollywood’s greatest films were released in 1939. The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, Stagecoach, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington are among the 510 titles of the golden age of the Silver Screen that opened in 1939. What film fans may or may not know is the myriad number of films that came out in that amazing year. Whether you are cognizant of this or not, you will most definitely enjoy a new book that has just been released by Rowan & Littlefield Press: 1939: Hollywood’s Greatest Year by Thomas S. Hischak.

The Evolution of a Broadway Musical Enthusiast

How does one evolve into a musical theatre enthusiast and a person who lives for documenting Broadway musicals and writing about them? I'm sure that, for each of us, there is a different story, but I also bet there are a lot of similarities that link our journeys. I thought it would be fun to share how I got to be where I am in my obsession with musicals and I am hopeful you will comment below are share your stories as well. 

Noel, Tallulah, Cole, and Me: A Memoir of Broadway's Golden Age –The Book You Need to Read

Those of us who love musical theatre are always looking for that next amazing book that offers us a special look into the making of Broadway musicals and the exciting lives that help create them. An unlikely book has emerged that I am confident that many of you are going to want to read. Noel, Tallulah, Cole, and Me: A Memoir of Broadway's Golden Age by John C. Wilson, edited with commentary by Thomas S. Hischak and Jack Macauley is the intriguing autobiography of a man that you might not know much about, but who helped shape classic musicals of the Golden Age of Broadway.

The Ten Essential Musical Theatre Books

As a blogger and a theatre historian, I often refer to resources that have proven invaluable to me over the years. Having spent the better part of my life (I started researching at age eleven) delving into musical theatre history, certain books have presented themselves, again and again, as my "go to" places to fact check and to just enjoy the writings of people who are as passionate as I am about this glorious genre. This blog entry is a celebration of those books.