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Robert Preston - Musical Theatre’s Leading Man

One of musical theatre’s most celebrated leading men is the late, great Robert Preston. Demonstrating a warm confidence, Preston had a booming voice that could shake the room like thunder. He possessed an indelible charm, something unique and extra that is rarely found in other leading men of Preston’s day. Though he is looked back upon as one of Broadway musical’s icons, it is interesting to note that Preston only had a handful of Broadway musical outings over his career. Robert Preston split his time evenly, appearing in plays and films as well. But it was on the musical stage that his talents particularly shined. Today, I take a look back at the Broadway musicals that had the honor to have Robert Preston in the cast. 

Broadway Blip: The Prince of Grand Street

The final installment in my series on composer-lyricist Bob Merrill is about his short-lived musical The Prince of Grand Street. Despite having many delightful moments, it was a musical that suffered from many issues despite a solid premise that, if executed differently, may have enjoyed a better reception. Instead, it was plagued with challenges, including the wrong star playing the lead, and the show shuttered out-of-town, never opening on Broadway.