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Movie Morsel: Throw Momma From the Train

People always ask me what my favorite film comedy is. I always reply, “Do you mean classic comedy or contemporary comedy?” If they answer, “classic”, I always reply with My Man Godfrey, one of the most sparkling, intellectual, and downright downright wacky film comedies of early Hollywood (it was made in 1936). If their answer is “contemporary”, I immediately announce Throw Momma From the Train as my choice. For the same reasons that I love My Man Godfrey, I marvel at the humor, timing, and insanity that just makes Throw Momma From the Train special. It allows itself to be entirely human and entirely wacko at the same time. It gets at the heart of who we are as people and how we let our egos control who we are. That’s funny stuff. We need to laugh at ourselves.

Movie Morsel: Double Feature (Ghostbusters and The Goonies)

I was thinking back to my childhood and how much fun it was to go to the local Colonia Movie Theatre and see movie with friends. We lived in the country, so going to the movie with friends was a rare occurrence for us, usually having to wait for our parents to drive us to see movies at night. There were, however, a few summers where we spent the weeks in town at a babysitter while my parent were at work. One summer, I believe it must have been the summer of 1985, we went to what we referred to as “The Double G Double Feature.” The movie theatre was showing, back to back, Ghostbusters and The Goonies. Could there be a better way for a kid in the 80s to spend their afternoon than watching these two films?