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The Best Musical Tony Award Debate: 1984

For “The Best Musical Tony Award Debate”, my new weekly series, I will take a look at the musicals nominated for Best Musical in one Tony Season, discuss and debate the contenders, theorize why the winner won, and offer my personal opinions on whether or not the voters got it right. This week’s installment looks at 1984 where four incredibly diverse musicals squared-off against each other for the coveted prize of Best Musical. The contenders were La Cage aux FollesSunday in the Park with GeorgeThe Tap Dance Kid, and Baby, each boasting qualities that merited their respective nomination. Let’s take a look at these pieces individually before comparing and contrasting their virtues toward who should be the rightful champion.  

Broadway Musicals with the Most Compelling Structures (Part One)

There is always an ongoing discussion about what musicals have the best book, even if the book writers are often given short-shrift for their contributions. A few weeks ago, I reposted a piece that I had written a few years back with my picks in this area. Some of my choices were mutually agreed-upon with my readers (as much as we can agree on anything subjective) while other choices were hotly debated. It was perhaps a few of my omissions that stirred the ire of many of my readers, but I’ll address those I left out in another article down the road (for my public lambasting, no doubt). You know what they say about opinions…

Hello, Bernadette! A Compilation of Videos Celebrating Ms. Peters

With Bernadette Peters taking the stage as Dolly Gallagher Levi in the Broadway revival of Hello, Dolly!, I thought it would be fun and appropriate to create a compilation of some of Ms. Peter’s finest musical performances on stage, television, and the big screen. Just like the waiters at Harmonia Gardens are ecstatic to have Dolly return to her favorite haunt, we are beyond thrilled to have her back where she belongs in a Broadway musical. I hope you enjoy this tribute to one of Broadway’s finest leading ladies. 

Broadway Musical Humor: Ten Broadway Hits That Look Ridiculous on Paper

Spring is close, but not close enough, so we find ourselves getting cabin fever and our cranky meters are dialed up to high. A little levity seems to be what the doctor has ordered, so I thought it might be fun to muse what certain hit musicals would look like on paper (having a little fun with boiling them down to their barest components). This is merely for fun and I hope no one will take offense. In fact, I’m hoping you’ll share some of your own ideas here.  

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