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Stranger Things: Season 2 – Is the Sophomore Year Stranger and Better?

A few, but limited, spoilers ahead.

For all of us sci-fi and fantasy nerds, the 2016 arrival of the Netflix series Stranger Things was a revelation, a compelling and energetic program that embraced the sense of adventure we crave while incorporating the best of the genre. For those of us who grew up in the 1980s and had our imaginations thrust into the crucible of such films as The Goonies, E.T: The Extra Terrestrial, Gremlins, The Lost Boys, and even Nightmare on Elm Street, Stranger Things proved a nostalgic reminder of a decade where any kid could (and would) find excitement lurking around every corner. It was, after all, a time where we rode our bikes freely about town, stayed out after dark without fear for our lives, and we were inspired to our own fantasy heroics by the likes of Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, and the popular roleplay game Dungeons and Dragons. We may have had a peculiar sense of fashion in the 80s, but we sure knew how to play. The first season of Stranger Things is a time-machine back to this nonpareil world of wonder and excitement.