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The Evolution of a Broadway Musical Enthusiast

How does one evolve into a musical theatre enthusiast and a person who lives for documenting Broadway musicals and writing about them? I'm sure that, for each of us, there is a different story, but I also bet there are a lot of similarities that link our journeys. I thought it would be fun to share how I got to be where I am in my obsession with musicals and I am hopeful you will comment below are share your stories as well. 

I Love to Laugh: Disney’s Funniest Characters

Disney films are full of music and magic, worming their way into our hearts with their warmth and familiarity. One of the best parts of a Disney film are the characters that make us laugh, breaking the tension of the serious and emotional moments with humor and unforgettable characterizations. My column today celebrates the funniest of these Disney characters. Watch the clips and tell me that you don’t agree that these creations are not side-splitting with their ability to make you giggle and guffaw.

Disney Goes Dark

We have all come to expect family-friendly, lighthearted fair from Disney movies. They are, after all, the place where dreams come true and “happily ever afters” reign supreme. Every once in a while, a Disney film enters dark territory, stepping outside of these comfortable expectations, and entering into the challenging realms of the horrific and the heartbreaking. Here are some films that came from the Disney studios that challenged their own reputation by departing the safe and well-traveled in fascinating ways.