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Flahooley: The Broadway Musical that Dared to Be Too Honest

Now here is a musical flop that I simply adore, as much for its audacity as for its simply enchanting score. Flahooley, which may have many of you wondering at its bizarre title, opened on Broadway in 1951 at the Broadhurst Theatre. The musical was expected to be a hit, enjoying an enthusiastic out of town tryout. Even theatre caricature artist Al Hirschfeld, who often visited shows in their tryout cities to begin his artwork, was certain that the show would be an enormous hit in New York. Sadly, the show ran for only 40 performances, closed, and faded into obscurity. 

"Here's to Your Illusions" - Flahooley - When Flops Just Hurt

I have a deep affection for flop musicals. Maybe it's because so much hope and hard work is poured into any Broadway musical and I want to see the positive in them, or maybe I'm just a sucker for a lost cause. Whatever the reason, I love nothing more than finding some almost forgotten cast recording and hopefully stumble upon a handful of terrific songs that just happened to be saddled to a show that didn't take off. There are so many to have a deep affection for: The Baker's WifeThe Grass HarpAnyone Can WhistleChessGoldilocksAllegroTriumph of LoveSide ShowCarrieThe Bridges of Madison CountyThe Rink, and The Scottsboro Boys (to name a few). One of the flops that keeps me coming back is the delightfully quirky, magically delicious Sammy Fain (Music), E.Y. Harburg (lyrics) and Fred Saidy (book w/ Harburg) musical of 1951, Flahooley.