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When Is a Broadway Love Song… Not A Love Song?

Today I thought it would be interesting to explore a certain type of Broadway love song. There are many Broadway showtunes that are declarations of love, an all-out celebration of (usually) boy-meets-girl or vice-versa and they fall instantly in love. But not every love song from musicals is an overt declaration of amour. Some of these ditties are more subtle in their approach, or ironically deny the possibility of love altogether. Here is a list of examples of some of these love songs that seem to contradict the romances that evolve from them. 

Broadway Blip: Pal Joey

The composing team of Rodgers and Hart had a reputation for putting together fun and witty musical comedies. Rodgers’ music sparkled with infectious melody while Hart’s lyrics were clever and bursting with wild use of rhyme. It wasn’t until their 1940 collaboration of the musical Pal Joey that the team ventured into edgier territory. Based on John O’Hara’s series of short stories that were published in The New YorkerPal Joey is both the crowning achievement of the duo’s partnership and a benchmark in advancement of serious musical theatre storytelling. 

Broadway Blip: Helen Gallagher

Helen Gallagher was a mainstay of the Broadway musical throughout 50s, 60s, and 70s. A celebrated supporting player with a delicious comedic timing and a radiant personality, she never seemed to find that vehicle that would elevate her to star status. Gallagher won Tony Awards for Supporting Actress for her appearances as Gladys Bumps in the 1952 revival of Pal Joeyand for Best Actress for her turn in the 1971 revival of No, No, Nanette.

Rodgers and Hart: My Spring Fling

There is something about the coming of spring, the earthen smell in the air and the flowers poised to bloom, that puts me in the mood for the songs of Rodgers and Hart. There is a loveliness and gaiety that I associate with their music that comes to life right around the time the earth does. Spring is all about pastoral beauty and romance, something that Rodgers and Hart deal with in spades. Today’s blog is simply a celebration of the ten Rodgers and Hart songs that put the “spring” in my step, the ditties that won’t seem to leave my brain until July.