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TV Tidbit: Double Dare

In the early days of the Nickelodeon Network, there was a raucous fun to be found in TV shows like You Can’t Do That on Television, Out of Control, Danger Mouse, Turkey Television, Don’t Just Sit There and Hey, Dude. Totally outrageous and always full of wisecracking humor that delighted kids, these shows are what the network’s success were built on. Another show from the early Nickelodeon pack that was a must-watch for kids was the gameshow Double Dare.

Green Slime and You Can’t Do That On Television

If you grew up in the 1980s and had access to cable television, you probably remember with great fondness, the early days of Nickelodeon where TV shows were always a bit on the rude, crude, and outrageous side. Shows like Danger Mouse, Turkey Television, Double Dare, Hey Dude, Count Duckula, Out of Control, Nick Rocks: Video to Go, Today’s Special, Pinwheel, and Eureeka’s Castle added up to zany television for kids that was outside of the box of the usual fare found on other networks.  Of course, the epic granddaddy of them all was You Can’t Do That on Television, a sketch-comedy show with minimal production values, and a cast for teens with whom we could identify and who made us laugh.