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Married to Showtunes: A Playlist that Requires a Prenup

Summer is such a popular time for weddings, everyone betting the bank on happiness and receiving gifts for trying. I’m not a fan of weddings and I often find myself drifting into distraction when I’m at one. At a recent wedding, during all the pomp and circumstance and the ongoing blah blah blah, I of course had to entertain myself somehow to keep from nodding off. So, I got to thinking about showtunes about getting married and decided to make a list of them. My one rule: any song that made the list had to include the words “married” or “marriage” in its title in some form. Here is what I came up with…

Broadway Musical Musings: Broadway Musical Poster Art - Revisited

A few years ago, I wrote a piece on Broadway poster art, an assessment of the ten most effective posters that advertised their products well. It turns out that this has been one of the most popular articles to run in my blog. It appears that my readership is as excited about this topic as I am.

Since the piece's popularity continues to astound me, I decided to write a part 2. For this round, I am assessing poster art that may or may not be effective, but is so stunningly gorgeous that its effectiveness is irrelevant. The poster is a stunning piece of art.

Musicals that Need NEW Recordings for a NEW Life

Broadway cast recordings are the best way we have to preserve great Broadway scores for future generations to enjoy and critique. Some original cast recordings were done in an era where recording session sound quality was hit or miss. In other cases, the score was longer than the two-sides of an LP record could hold, with so much wonderful material excised in order to make the show fit. Whatever the reason, there are a handful of musicals that were given a disservice with their original cast recordings and are deserving of new ones. Here are my suggestions for the musicals I would love to see given this opportunity.