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Remembering The Life

A musical that seems to have those who remember it divided, with some people having enjoyed it and others just absolutely disgusted by it, was the 1997 Broadway production of The Life. With music by Cy Coleman, lyrics by Ira Gasman, and a book by Coleman, Gasman, and David Newman, The Life took a look at the underworld of New York City’s Times Square circa the 1980s. The seedy and unsavory world may have been hard for some people to get excited about, considering the show was populated with pimps and hookers, hustlers and drug dealers. Others easily connected to the piece, understanding that these characters were the product of a harsh world, runaways and forgotten people and that this was their way of making ends meet and to escape living on the streets. 

Put On Your Understudy Clothes: Who Should Be Bette Midler’s Understudy for Dolly?

With the forthcoming Broadway revival of Hello, Dolly! starring Bette Midler breaking records at the box office, we have to take a minute to think about who is going to fill the Divine Miss M’s shoes when she is not performing. We already know they are going to need someone to cover matinees, and God forbid Ms. Midler gets sick and needs an understudy to go on her place. It’s going to require someone of either star caliber or of great talent to fill these shoes, and the producers know that audiences are not going to accept just anyone to fill her shoes. With that in mind, here is a list of people I think could pull it off nicely.

Let's Not Whiz on The Wiz!

The renaissance of the television musical is a wonderful idea that has been executed poorly with the "live" concoctions as of later. Both The Sound of Music and Peter Pan were highly anticipated and resulted in stellar ratings, but artistically lacked any spark of inspiration. The interest is fortunate because this is a terrific opportunity to introduce the uninitiated to the world of musical theatre. The lack of quality is a different matter as the producers of these "events" should strive to not only capture this new audience, but deliver them top drawer experiences. Help them see WHY theatre is magical and life-changing when all of the elements come together into one cohesive, sparkling creation. 

"Come Down from the Tree" - Surely This Was a Mistake?

Ocassionally, I hear a wonderful musical theatre song that hypnotizes me, only to find out that it was cut from the show it was written for. Maybe it wasn't the right fit, or maybe another song replaced the moment in the show. For whatever reason, my heart breaks over the fact that it was excised and I try to imagine how it may have figured into the show. Then I start thinking that maybe they could interpolate it into a revival of the show. Among these bewitching misfit songs, there is one that stands out in my mind that the show would be improved by the addition. That song is "Come Down from the Tree," cut from the magical Once on this Island.