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"Come Down from the Tree" - Surely This Was a Mistake?

Ocassionally, I hear a wonderful musical theatre song that hypnotizes me, only to find out that it was cut from the show it was written for. Maybe it wasn't the right fit, or maybe another song replaced the moment in the show. For whatever reason, my heart breaks over the fact that it was excised and I try to imagine how it may have figured into the show. Then I start thinking that maybe they could interpolate it into a revival of the show. Among these bewitching misfit songs, there is one that stands out in my mind that the show would be improved by the addition. That song is "Come Down from the Tree," cut from the magical Once on this Island.

"Another Hundred People"

It's always mysterious to me how an orchestrator can tells stories by musical instruments. It takes a special kind of ear and talent to emphasize emotion, time, and place using musical instruments to heighten the experience already created by the composer and lyricist. One of the most stimulating examples of this are the original orchestrations for "Another Hundred People" in the Stephen Sondheim musical Company.