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Tony Award Categories We'd Like to See

Excitement surrounds the Tony Awards as we wait to see the "best of the best" awarded for their craft and artistry as it pertains to the Broadway Theatre. The announcement of the return of the Sound Design award for next year is an important victory (the category should never have been eradicated in the first place). We are all familiar with the usual categories, but have you ever thought that there are a few areas that are overlooked? Here are some Tony Award categories I think many of us would like to see. 

Hair at 50 and The Women’s Marches

This year, the musical Hair turns 50. Radical for its day with its unyielding assessment of 1960s America: civil rights, the Vietnam War, government corruption, its inclusion of LGB characters (the Q & T are inferred, I suppose), its embrace of rock & roll for the musical stage, it is interesting that its anniversary coincides so closely with the inauguration of “President” Donald Trump, and far more importantly, the historic Women’s marches that breathe a new hope into our hearts and resolve for change. Are we really, fifty-years-later, having to refight the battles of the 60s that are so represented as a powerful collage in the musical Hair?