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Thomas Redgrave of Collabro: On a Musical Theatre Mission

A few weeks ago, I had the honor to interview the members of the British boy band Collabro for Broadway Direct. It was a terrific experience that I will always remember, not just because I got to speak to four talented gentlemen who sing my favorite style of music: showtunes, but because they were so earnest, kind, and extremely down to earth. It is refreshing to find talented people who love what they do and who share their enthusiasm with their fans, and who speak so highly of the people who revel in their music. These fans are called “Collaborators,” and they are a dedicated troupe of groupies who ardently admire this amazing band.

What’s the Matter? Merely Patter! Great Broadway Patter Songs

Patter songs are delightfully energetic ditties that are often plugged into musicals for humor or inject energy, often an eleven o’clock number or as a pick-me-up after more serious moments. They are a lot of fun and usually a scene-stealing moment for a great comedic performer who can pull-off their rapid-fire delivery. The definition of a “patter song” is a musical sequence that is performed at a relatively fast tempo, rhythmic patterns that are staccato in nature, with each syllable of the lyric corresponding to a note. There is often internal rhymes, tongue-twister-style formatting, and the device is often paired with the “list song”, another musical theatre device where lists are shared as a humorous assault of information. 

Ten Broadway Songs to Celebrate Autumn

With Autumn officially underway, I thought it would be fun to celebrate some of the Broadway songs that celebrate and evoke themes of harvest, the fall, and generally that contemplative, reflective period that comes when summer ends and Christmas is just a few months away. Here are some songs that will help you get into a mood for back to school, bonfires, changing leaves, and the fall holidays.