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Call on Carol: The Broadway Musicals of Carol Channing

One of Broadway’s most distinct and original talents is Carol Channing. From her wide-eyed stare to her raspy voice, there has never quite been another performer like Ms. Channing. An expert at playing over-the-top comedy and delivering it with her own special brand of chutzpah, Channing left her indelible imprint two iconic characters of the Broadway musical theatre. Channing was born in 1921 and she is currently 97 years old, but her unforgettable persona continues to be one of the most impersonated and emulated on the Broadway musical divas. Today, we look back on the career of Carol Channing and celebrate her longevity and her talent. 

A Boat-Load of Musicals

Who doesn’t enjoy a cruise? I’ve never personally been on one, but that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about it. Some voyages are better than others (so I’m told) but there is something exciting about the prospect. From the organized activities and entertainment to the plethora of buffets and exotic drinks served while sailing on the water, short of sea-sickness, it sounds like one could enjoy the experience. Shipboard storylines have certainly been the subject for a handful of Broadway musicals. Until I have the opportunity to secure my berth on a luxury liner, I will instead sit back and think about the Broadway musicals that have taken place aboard them. 

Theatre Time Machine: Looking Back at Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Though it isn’t produced anywhere near as much as it should be, Jule Styne, Leo Robin, Joseph Fields and Anita Loos’s Gentleman Prefer Blondes was a wonderfully delicious satire in its time and it served up a frothy, delectable score that counted amongst its many standards, the show-stopping “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” The musical, about a platinum-crowned, gold-digger named Lorelei Lee and her escapades to find herself a rich husband, made a star out of Carol Channing who would go on to become one of Broadway’s most enduring divas. The musical was based on Anita Loos’s best-selling novel of the same name.

100 Favorite Showtunes: Part I

As I approach my 100th blog entry, I thought I would have a celebration of my 100 favorite showtunes and explain why each song sings out to me. Since all 100 in one entry would make for some tedious reading, I will use this as the countdown to my 100th blog. Here are the first 25! Weigh in and share with me some of your favorites.