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Broadway Playlist for the Ultimate Road Trip

Last week, while I was enjoying some time off, I decided to take a little sojourn to Pennsylvania. I gathered a few old theatre friends from my college days to accompany me, musical theatre folk who love to blast a showtune in the car and sing along. Knowing that they would expect me to be the DJ for this outing, I assembled a playlist full of the perfect songs for this kind of thing. I find the best songs for a road trip fall into one of three categories...

    Musical Theatre Moments: 40 Favorite YouTube Clips from Broadway Shows

    I know how my readership loves to watch videos from Broadway shows. For years, I have been wending my way through YouTube, watching great clips from Tony Awards, talk shows, and the occasional bootleg that has presented itself. Today, I feel like sharing my forty FAVORITE clips from hit shows (I’ve already done the flops). Hopefully, you will enjoy this countdown to my favorite and enjoy all the “hard work” I have put- in assembling it for you. Let the streaming begin!

    And I’m Telling You…I’m Not Understanding Jennifer Holliday and Inauguration

    Theatre fans were most-assuredly shocked to hear that Jennifer Holliday will be singing at the inauguration ceremonies of President-elect Trump. Regardless of your political leanings, one has to admit that Ms. Holliday is her own person and that she will make her own artistic decisions as she sees fit. Will her performance affect her popularity? That remains to be seen, but by the outcry on social media, it appears that she will take a bit of a hit from many of the people who make up her fan base.

    Dysfunctional Broadway Musical Families – And You Think Your Holidays Are Hell!

    The holidays, whether we want to admit it or not, are just around the corner. We like to idealize the perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas, picturing the whole family gathered around the table wearing fuzzy pullover sweaters and eating turkey, or standing around the piano, eggnog in hand, singing Christmas carols in harmony while a fire crackles in the fireplace. Perhaps some of you come from families where this kind of devil magic happens, but I suspect that there are more of us in this world who have suffered the dysfunctional family get-togethers where family gets drunk, passive-aggressiveness reigns supreme, and someone overcooks the damn turkey. 

    This got me thinking…what Broadway musical families could outshine any of us with a dysfunctional holiday gathering. Below are the Top-Ten Dysfunctional Musical Families who will make your crazy kin feel like a sing-a-long with the Von Trapps.