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Broadway Musical Time Machine: Looking Back at Sweet Charity

With Sweet Charity returning to the New York Stage this fall in a production starring Tony-winner Sutton Foster, this week I will explore the history and makeup of this imperfect musical that somehow manages to delight theatre folk, particularly dancers. What is it about this dated, meandering musical that continues to intrigue directors, choreographers and performers enough to keep returning to it

"Turkey Lurkey Time" - Guilty Pleasures

It's that time again: Guilty Pleasures! You know what songs I am talking about. These are the musical numbers that may be corny, don't make sense, or simply offer so much joy that you are a bit embarrassed to admit that they make you pee a little each time you hear them. They seem to mostly live inside musical comedies. No one is going to call "What's the Use of Wonder'n" from Carousel a guilty pleasure. These songs belong in a world of musical theatre where all sense of logic can be lost and disbelief suspended. Musical comedy very often takes this bold step and provides the platform for nonsense.