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The Best Musical Tony Award Debate: 1961

1961 was an interesting year in Tony history for a couple of reasons. First, it was a year where there were only three Best Musical nominees instead of four, and second because there were plenty of shows that could have filled a fourth category, but were left out of the running. The nominees that year were Bye Bye BirdeDo Re Mi, and Irma La Douce, with Bye Bye Birdie ultimately taking home the Best Musical prize. For this week’s installment, I am going to do things a little differently. After looking at the three nominees, I want to take a minute to examine a couple of shows that should have qualified, but somehow didn’t make the final cut. 

I Hate Men but Love Nancy Walker

My dear friend and sparring partner (as I often refer to him) Robbie Rozelle has been trying (for years) to get me to listen to Nancy Walker's I Hate Men album. I think it is a built-in aspect of our friendship that, when he recommends something, I won't listen to it just to aggravate him. Well...the joke is on me. Today, I finally sat down to listen to Ms. Walker superbly wend her way through some of the most humorous, anti-male Broadway show tunes ever written. Not only are the song choices (and their arrangements) infectious fun, but Ms. Walker peppers them with her patented tongue-on-cheek sarcasm.