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Broadway Musical Musings: Huggin’ the Bejeepers and Other Tony Award Musings

To quote Oscar Hammerstein (or is it Leslie Uggams?), “June is bustin’ out all over” and we are inching ever-closer to the Tony Awards and the inevitable crowing of Hamilton as Best Musical. I am not spinning my psychic abilities here, as this had been a foregone conclusion since the show moved to Broadway and became the sensation that it has. It has, however, skewed the Tony Awards toward being a somewhat uneventful night that appears to have few surprises in store. I hope that we will still be startled a few times, but I am pretty much prepared for a non-event where awards are concerned. The best we can hope for are great (if predictable in choice) musical numbers from the nominated shows. I’m not blaming Hamilton’s success for this assertion, but rather that I merely prefer an awards show where all bets are off. We shall see.