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"Revue"-ing the Situation: Musical Revues in the Spotlight

I started out writing this piece, intending to explore all styles of musical revues, the "best of" the genre. I soon realized that, if I didn't apply certain parameters, I'd be writing until the end of time. So, I set some rules: the musical revues that I would discuss had to have original music, not an assemblage of showtunes such as in And the World Goes 'Round, or be composed of radio hits a la Smokey Joe's Café. Both are fine revues, but I decided I wanted to concentrate on the pieces that were written, from conception, as original revues. Here are some of my favorites to listen to and read about. 

A Baker's Dozen of Musical Ditties for Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and it's time to celebrate all of the great ladies who have loved us and nurtured us. What better way in musical theatre circles to celebrate the moms in our lives than to create a playlist of songs that capture the true essence of the mother. So, to go with your baker's dozen of bagels for your Mother's Day brunch, I present: 

A Baker's Dozen of Musical Ditties for Mother's Day.