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The Great Valentine’s Day Broadway Showtune Love Song Quiz

Broadway musicals are most-distinctly known by their music: eleven o’clock numbers, “I want” songs, list songs, specialty numbers, and chorus numbers. Above all, and perhaps the most-beloved of all Broadway songs is the love song. Two characters express their undying love for each other through song, or spend their time denying their obvious love through humorous redirection and sarcasm. For Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to put together a quiz for my readers, asking them to see how many of these Broadway love songs (comedic, unrequited, stalker-esque) they can name from an excerpt of their lyric. Can you name the love song and the show it is from? No cheating!

Broadway Musical Musings - Hamilton Abandonment

Well, Hamilton swept the Tony Awards and before the trophies could gather dust on the mantelpiece, news of original cast members departing the production began to get people (especially those who haven't seen it yet, down). In the coming weeks, the two male leads, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom, Jr., will depart the show, breaking the hearts of legions of zealous fans. True, they have spent quite a few months performing this show eight-times a week and have probably earned some time away, and they will most-likely return to the show for limited engagements. It's hard for many to imagine Hamilton without these two powerhouse performers.