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Remembering Bloomer Girl

The other night I was making my way through Amazon Prime video, looking for something to watch. After sorting through hundreds of movies and television shows that I just knew wouldn’t hold my interest at that moment, I stumbled upon the 1956, Producer’s Showcase made-for-television version of the 1944 Broadway musical Bloomer Girl. My streaming choice for the evening was set. I have always adored the Harold Arlen/E.Y. Harburg score ever since I was first introduced to it in my History of American Musical Theatre class in college. Having listened to the score multiple times and read the book of Bloomer Girl for that glorious seminar, I was sad to realize that no one hardly ever produces this adventurous and courageous show that came fast on the heels of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s groundbreaking Oklahoma!. Watching an abridged, made-for-television version was most-likely the closest I would get to seeing a production of the show, so I hit the play button, sat back, and took a little jaunt into musical theatre history, where I admittedly spend most of my time. 

Zoosical: Showtunes About Animals

Animal lovers that are Broadway lovers (and vice-versa), here is a collection that was designed just for you. I was on a long drive and a showtune came on that was about an animal. I started thinking about how many Musical Theatre songs that I could find were about animals (These are things I think about on car trips and during nights of insomnia). By the end of the car trip, I had come up with these. Please share with me any others you might think of. I hope you enjoy my corny need to catalogue such things in list form. 

Musicals that Need NEW Recordings for a NEW Life

Broadway cast recordings are the best way we have to preserve great Broadway scores for future generations to enjoy and critique. Some original cast recordings were done in an era where recording session sound quality was hit or miss. In other cases, the score was longer than the two-sides of an LP record could hold, with so much wonderful material excised in order to make the show fit. Whatever the reason, there are a handful of musicals that were given a disservice with their original cast recordings and are deserving of new ones. Here are my suggestions for the musicals I would love to see given this opportunity. 

Revive This Musical: PLEASE!

It’s a big season for Broadway revivals with Spring Awakening having opened and Fiddler on the RoofDames at Sea, and She Loves Me on their way to us in the next few months. Certain shows get revived again and again (Gypsy, anyone?) while others take their sweet time getting back to Broadway. Today’s blog entry is a plea to producers, as I go decade by decade (starting with the 1930s), making the case for the musicals most-deserving of revival in each ten-year span.