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Side Show - Was It Sidelined or Sidestepped?

Many musical theatre fans are bemoaning the recent news that the musical Side Show, the eagerly anticipated revival of 1997 flop musical that ran a mere 91 performance, has announced its closing for January 4th. Fans of the original production are rabid; they fiercely be-cry the injustice of such a compelling work with an electrified, emotionally raw score and an arresting, freakish premise not afforded ample time to find an audience. All who are financially and emotionally invested in the revival hoped that a new production, featuring some book alterations, score changes, and a re-imagined production would make a new case for this musical to be revered for its supposed inherent greatness. Clearly, despite some critical accolades (if not exactly unqualified raves across the board), the new production is closing, having run approximately the same number of performances as the original. Why is it that a show, that has a strong base of musical theatre fans, cannot seem to find the success that many people believe it deserves?