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Broadway Blip: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

What do you do when Charles Dickins begins writing a murder mystery story, but never finishes it? You turn it into a musical, of course, and let the audience vote at each performance to decide which character they want to be the culprit. That is exactly what Rupert Holmes did when wrote the musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood. The musical, sometimes abbreviated to simply “Drood,” is an interactive experience for audiences, making it Broadway’s most original whodunit. 

Tony Award Categories We'd Like to See

Excitement surrounds the Tony Awards as we wait to see the "best of the best" awarded for their craft and artistry as it pertains to the Broadway Theatre. The announcement of the return of the Sound Design award for next year is an important victory (the category should never have been eradicated in the first place). We are all familiar with the usual categories, but have you ever thought that there are a few areas that are overlooked? Here are some Tony Award categories I think many of us would like to see. 

Dream Casting Our Favorite Broadway Divas

Last week, I wrote a piece about Broadway divas who showed exemplary acting skills. It got me thinking about some of our greatest living actresses of the musical stage and what classic musical theatre role I would most like to see them tackle next. Playing casting director is always a great deal of fun, and I hope you will chime in with your thoughts as well. For me, this is where I'd like to see some of our favorite leading ladies of the stage try their talents.

The Greatest Stars: Broadway Musical Divas Who Can Act as Well as They Sing

Broadway musical divas: we live for them. From their signature looks to their distinctive voices, over the last century, Broadway audiences have been drawn to their talents and their energy. To be a Broadway diva is a special thing, but not every member of this exclusive club has necessarily been known for their acting chops. It is especially exhilarating to witness one who has the nuance and variety to create an indelible performance that is based in the craft of acting. In these cases, their interpretations bring rich texture to the music and three dimensional characters emerge as memorable and relatable. Today’s column is a tribute to the finest among out divas, the ones who move outside of the realm of performer and enter the world of legend.