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Real Movie Magic: The Ten Screenplays that Sparkle Beyond Mere Entertainment

There are hundreds of wonderful films in existence that feature screenplays that are literate, intelligent, and compelling in ways that elevate them beyond mere entertainment. Citizen Kane, The Godfather, The Lady Eve, Ordinary People, My Man Godfrey, and Moonstruck are all screenplays that reside within the upper echelons of the sublime writing of which cinema can aspire to. Beyond that, there is a special niche of cinema where screenwriters are not afraid to utilize prosody in writing screenplays, adding a special shimmer of poetry and majesty to the storytelling. These ingredients heighten emotion and theatricality through a carefully chosen rhetoric that may not come across in a way that is familiar speech for audiences, but may be far-more effective in conveying character and situation. These screenplays are an art unto themselves. Today’s column is a celebration of ten-films that demonstrate this style to great effect.    

The Bane of Broadway Aficionados: Soundtrack or Cast Recording?

The great faux pas of young musical theatre enthusiasts is that they will use the words "soundtrack" and "cast recording" interchangeably, or omit the latter and defer to the former as a catch-all. Let's clear things up, once and for all: if it's a recording of a movie musical, it's a motion picture soundtrack. If the recording is of a Broadway show, it's an original cast album or cast recording. Never the twain shall meet.