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Dear Evan Hansen: 13 BETTER Reasons Why

In its own right, Dear Evan Hansen is a thrilling and topical musical addressing the isolation so many of us feel. In this day and age, bullying leads to suicide, anxiety leads to building protective walls. Dear Evan Hansen demonstrates how the arts can respond to societal ills and makes a case for our individual and collective healing through the catharsis of relevant and timely musical theatre. It’s an inspiring story about how one of these disconnected people, frozen by their own inability to reach past their self-prescribed detachment, finally learns how to break down the walls that have crippled him with anxiety and depression. Sure, it comes with its complications and a handful of misconceptions and lies, but it is essentially a fairy tale for those of us who have felt, like Evan, that we are invisible and/or unworthy.

13 Reasons Why...and a Few Reasons Why Not

I've been reading a great deal about the "groundbreaking" Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and decided it was time to investigate this drama based on the book by the same name. Audiences have been polarized by the show's themes and its characters, some heralding it as an important piece in warning against bullying and the ripple effects of suicide, while others have found the show to have handled its delicate themes irresponsibly. I spent the last few days binge-watching 13 Reasons Why to figure out what this show achieves. With all due respect to what the show earnestly aspires to, 13 Reasons Why left me feeling that there are a few reasons "why not" to get too excited about the program.