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Kate Rockwell: Back to My Roots – Album Review

I love albums where I get to hear the complete score of a musical, in its natural context, unfettered by cutesy banter and crippled by thin orchestrations. In other word, I am not usually a big fan of compilation albums that feature ballad-heavy set lists and performers putting their “clever” spin on them. It is typically why I don’t review these kind of albums, preferring not wager a possibly negative opinion on a genre that isn’t my cup of tea. This wasn’t always the case. A few decades ago, Bruce Kimmel produced a wide range of delightful compilations under the label Fynsworth Alley that were superb, often featuring a star (or stars) singing a particular composer or theme. Recently, a friend recommended that I listen to Kate Rockwell: Back to My Roots, one of these compilation albums that I tend to be wary of. Oh, thank goodness, that he did. The delights that Rockwell has in store takes me back to the days of the Kimmel/Fynsworth Alley days, making my heart soar and my sour puss turn up into a radiant smile.

Review: Falsettos – Is It Really As Good As The Critics Say?

The Broadway revival of William Finn’s and James Lapine’s Falsettos produced by Lincoln Center has been eagerly anticipated. Indeed, the musical that explores the modern definition of “family” is a much-needed tonic in a world where hate and homophobia are rearing their ugly heads at every turn, and where compassion and understanding are derided as “un-American” by so many friends and neighbors who would support a Trump presidency. Yes, the story of Falsettos hails from a different time, an era where fear ruled our thoughts as a mysterious disease began to kill-off predominantly gay men as conservative politicians chose to ignore the death tally in favor of religious retribution exacted by an Old Testament God of spite and smite